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Front Row: Andrew Sorenson, Isaac Hunt, Myra Hunt, George F. Whitehead, Emma Squire (Little), Small daughter Emma Squire (Longson), Amanda Sorenson, Rozilla Branch Lund, Lucy Henrietta Pearce Keate, Julia (Jutiet) Charlotte Roulet Graf, Edward H. Snow, Richard A. Morris (lying in front), Hannah Nelson Snow, Andrew L.Winsor, Agnes (Aggie) M. Winsor (back of her husband), Cornelia Branch Brooks, Vilate Andrus Wadsworth, Lena Crosby, Susie Fawcett Atkin, Mary Elizabeth Stratton Foremaster Marshall, Mary Forsythe Jarvis, Mary (May) Angenetta Pearce Snow, Lisete Pauline (Sadie) Mathis Prisbrey and small son Arlos Prisbrey, Mahonri Moriancumer Snow, Julis C. Keate,

Second Row: _____________, Mary A Maudsley, Laura E. Allen, Lucetta Bryner, Grandma Prisbrey, Abigail Middlemass Walker, Mary Ann Mayer Rogers, Henry Atkin (W/Crutches),Grandmother Tanner, Josephine L. Crossgrove Cannon, David Henry Cannon, Rhoda Ann Knell Cannon, Ann Chatterly McFarlane, Selina C. Palfreyman Nelson, Harriet T. Utley Carter, Sophronia Ellen Turnbeaugh Carter, Katie Carter, _________, Mary Ann Romney Lund, Mary Jane Ashworth Judd.

Third Row: _____________, Lovina Berry, ______________, Mary Alice Clark Woodbury, Altheria Gregerson, Sis Cragun, John Taylor Woodbury back of wife, Mary Ann Evans Woodbury, Anna Middleton Cox, Emma S. Burgess, John Duncan, Samuel Barnhurst (back of wife), Laura Ann Hatch Barnhurst, Sis Marshall, Bro. Marshall, Mary Lee (Haybourne) , William Gardner, Sarah Jane Ellicock Atkin, Frank Godby Miles, Willimina (Mina) Cannon Sullivan Morris, William T. Morris, Fidelia (Delia) Ellen Maudsley Baker, Ranchel Holt Cottam, Eliza Worthen Judd, Lucy Snow Gardner, __________, Phebe Ann Covington Pace, Ann Cannon Woodbury, Eleanor Cannon Woodbury Jarvis, Julia Ann Rogers Hardy, ___________, _______, _________, William Call (back)m __________, Mrs, ____ Fowler, Mr. ______ Fowler, Annabella (Bella) McFarlane Morris, Moroni Savage, Trencha Coe Savage, Henderson Cox, Annie Woodbury Romney, Charles William Seegmiller, Sr., William Perkins (back), Orpha Maria Fuller Hunt, Nick Sandberg , Price William Nelson, Hattie B. Sandberg, John Staheli (back), Mrs. Price William Nelson, Melina Barlow Riding, Barbara Tobler Staheli, Clorinda Schlappe Schmutz, ________, Josephine Jarvis Miles, Emeline Jarvis Cottam, Samuel Sullivan (back), __________ (front), Elias Hunt, Elizabeth Ann Stout Cox, Mrs. Frank Spencer, Vilate Cottam Prince (peering around Mrs. Spencer), Elizabeth E. (Lillie) McAllister Atkin, Paralee (Pal) Amanda Church Miles, James McArthur (behind Pal Miles), Annie Jarvis Milne, Jane McEwan (McKeowan) Gardner, Mrs. _____ Lowe, Melissa Vivien Watson Woodbury, Mary A. Perkins, Alice Bell Miles (back), ________, Johanna Hazel Bentley Bradshaw (peering from behind Annie Stafford Snow Condie), Annie Stafford Snow Condie, Adaline Carter Kemp, George Whitney, Annie May Carpenter Stringham, Joseph Weatherbee Carpenter, Agatha (Aggir) Walker McAllister (back), Mrs. Henry Bigler (front of Aggie Walker McAllister), Annie Burdette Randall Carpenter (white dress and bob on top of head), Emma Brooks Ashby (back), Jane Morlow (in front of Emma Ashby), Hannah Fawcett, Martha Alice Parker Woodbury (wife of John Stillman Woodbury), Lenora Cannon Woodbury Worthen, Evaline Sprowl, George Washington Worthen, Mary Ann Miller McAllister, Joseph Warrington McAllister, Olivia Alger Bryson, Sarah Riding, Philene Hunt Pickett (wife of Horatio Picket), Thomas Gardner, Charles Franklin Foster, Charles Alfonso Terry,

Back Row: Isaiah Cox, Melvin Myron Harmon, Frank Richard Bentley, Frank Prince, ________, Joseph John Sullivan, Rass (probably Erastus) Kelsey, Thomas Punter Cottam, George Thomas Cottam, ___________, John Ezra Pace, Samuel Utley Carter.

Back Row Extreme Right Section of Picture: Amanda Stewart, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Wallis (wife of editor John R. Wallis), ________, Mrs. George Whitney, Eliza Jane D. Pymn (wife of Seth Pymn), Elizabeth (Lizzie) Oxborrow McArthur, Nellie M. Miles, Alice LeFevre Jones, Geneva Bentley Rogers (in front of Alice L. Jones), James J. Jones, Mary Ann Mansfield Bentley (in front of James J. Jones), George Hunt, Miss Ann Lawson (in front of George Hunt), ___________, Ida Morris Seegmiller, Katherine (Kate) Elizabeth Kemp Thurston, John Henry Cottam.

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