The Baumanns lived in the  Jacob Hamblin Home longer than anyone else.


John Martin & Maria Magdaline Schiess Baumann

Barbra (Baumann) & John Stucki

John Baumann

John Martin Baumann was born May 12, 1829 in Schwellbrum, Appenzel, Switzerland and died in Santa Clara, Utah March 3, 1913. He married Maria Magdaline Schiess in Switzerland, September 4, 1854. She was born June 2, 1832 in Herisau, Appenzel, Switzerland and died April 3, 1909 inn Santa Clara, Utah.

They had 2 children who lived to adulthood: Barbara Baumann born June 10, 1856 and John Baumann born July 12, 1859. John Martin and Maria Magdaline immigrated to America about the year 1874 when Barbara was approximately 18 years of age. These early L.D.S. converts were sent to Dixie to raise grapes and make wine for the Sacrament. Their daughter Barbara married John S. Stuckie, December 10, 1875. This couple had 12 children. The youngest child was Leona Stucki (Ray). Leona was born July 14, 1900. Leona talked fondly of her grandparents. She was 9 years old when her Grandmother Maria died and 13 when her grandfather died. Leona lived less than a block away from the Jacob Hamblin Home with only two homes between them. Leona often talked to her oldest daughter, Barbara Ray (Barton), recalling loving memories about her grandparents.

Almost every day after school she would go up the street and visit her Grandparents. They had purchased and were living in the rock home that had belonged to Jacob Hamblin. The room back of the kitchen (North) was dug partially into the hillside. This room was cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Probably the most even temperature all year. Grandpa Baumann used this as a cellar for the wine.

After the L. D. S. Church discontinued using wine for the Sacrament, he began selling it to the travelers going to California for the "Gold Rush". The main road went directly in front of their home. This was the last stop with much civilization for these travelers before crossing the desert to California. He also sold travelers dried corn and dried peaches.

Leonaís grandparents spoke only German, so many times she was the interpreter. One day a traveler gave this cute little girl a $20.00 gold piece because he was so impressed that she could speak two languages.

When the Church officials told their members that they should not make or drink wine anymore, it was devastating! How could this old man earn a living? There were many talks and much persuasion. He was told they would take his name off the records of the Church if he didnít stop this practice of making wine. Leona said it was a sad day for her Grandpa but one day he rolled his barrels of wine out from the cellar and watched the liquid soak into the parched sand. This was the main source of income. Such faith and devotion to his religion.

Their son John Baumann grew to manhood and went to work in the mines in Nevada. (I think it was Pioche). Here he married Hulda Lena Rohner. They had 2 children, a girl and a boy. The boy died while very young. John divorced his wife and brought his daughter Josephine back to Santa Clara to be raised by his parents (in the Jacob Hamblin Home).

Josephine Baumann (Knight)

Leona Stucki ( Ray) 4 yr old

Barbra Ray (Barton-Brooks)

Josephine married Wilford Knight. This couple lived in the Hamblin Rock Home and raised a family of 7 children. After the death of Josephine Baumann Knight, the home was not occupied. (About 1942)

(Written by)

Barbara Ray Barton-Brooks

Great Grand Daughter of the Baumanns

February 16, 1999

(The only one living in this home after that Wilford Knight was John Wayne in a Movie that was filmed in and around the Jacob Hamblin Home about 1946-1947. We have not been about to identify the name of the movie. RRB)

Prepared by Elder Russ Bateman 2/18/1999

John Martin and Maria Magdline Schiess Baumann 50th Wedding Anniversary.
 Picture taken at the Ray Home one block from the Hamblin Home (1904)


FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Ezra Tobler, Ella Tobler (Hall), Pearl Tobler (Turner), Ernest E. Stucki, Josephine Baumann (Knight), Viola Tobler (Gubler), Leona Stucki (Ray), William T. Stucki, Rulon Stucki and Alfred Stucki.

MIDDLE ROW: Barbara Stucki (Tobler), (infant Carrie May Tobler), her husband Albert Tobler, (infant, Vera Tobler (Ballard), John Martin Baumann (son) MARY MAGDALENA SCHIESS BAUMANN & JOHN MARTIN BAUMANN, Barbara Bauman (Stucki) (daughter) and her husband, John S. Stucki. (John & Barbara were their only living children)

BACK ROW STANDING: Hulda Stucki (Wittwer, Dalley, Petersen), Herman Stucki, Mary Stucki (Tobler) and her husband George Tobler, (infant in her arms Lottie Tobler (Bladen), child in his arms Grace Tobler (Pendelton), Bertha Stucki (Graff), John M. Stucki and wife Freda Reber Stucki, (infant in arms Harvey Stucki).

They had to hold the picture taking until someone went to get the emblem of "The Bear" pinned on his suit. It was the symbol of SWITZERLAND, THEIR HOMELAND!


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