Alvin C. and Mayme L. Hull

St. George ó January 1977 to July 1978.

The Hulls have enjoyed the past 2 years. They have been busy in church and other activities AC was a national Vice-pres of Sons of Utah Pioneers,. We attended national encampments in Kanab and Heber City. While in Kanab we had a raft trip down the rapids of the Colorado River. We also rented a small plane and went down in the Grand Canyon Gorge among the walls of the Colorado River.

1984 was conventions. We attended the national Boy Scout convention in Salt Lake (AC has been in scouting for 63 years). Next was the retired became federal employees convention in Provo. AC was local president and regional vice-pres. Had a great time as delegates to the State Republican convention in SLC.

In October 1984 we became great-grandparents for the first time From October 1984 to May 1985 we were missionaries in North Carolina We worked with in actives and partómember families in Mt. Airy. We had many great evidences and much success.

At the encampment held for the 75th anniversary of scouting, AC managed to break his ankle. He was also able to develop some heart trouble and a little old age. Please treat him gently.

Recently we took a 3 1/2 week, 7,500 mile trip to historic Church places and then to New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Virginia, and the N.C. beach near Kitty Hawk where a brother and a sister have cabins. We had 2 daughters, their spouses, and 5 grandchildren. This was very eventful and brought back many memories of when we lived there. The only un happy thing was

100 people where there used to be 1 or 10.

This week we were blessed with a new grandchild by our youngest daughter Mary Kay, in Valdez, Alaska

We are looking forward to many more reunions.

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26 Dec 2012