PARLOR - Engraving of Joseph Smith

Brigham Young photo taken in St. George on his birthday 1 June 1876

Print of charcoal drawing of Joseph Smith

DINING ROOM - Lithograph Of Joseph and Hyrum

Lithograph of Trumanís Angelís rendering of the Salt Lake Temple (Both of these lithographs were in this house during Brigham Youngís occupancy)

UPSTAIRS FOYER Chromo Indian hunters gambling

Chroma pastoral scene

Engraving of First Presidency and Twelve as of 1853

(No Photography until 1860's)

ARTIFACTS OFFICE - Drop Leaf table donated by Sons of the Pioneers

Display Case from old museum on Temple Square

Rocking chair made for George A. Smith

Telegraph key from Sanpete Valley R.R.. about 1880

Telegraph wire from old transcontinental line near Ibapah, Utah.

Cotton cloth, blue check from the first bolt produced by mill in Washington, red, blue and white piece also milled there.

Book, George A. Smith Family , 1962. given to missionaries here by author Zora Smith Jarvis

PARLOR - Dark love seat and two chairs belonged to Brigham family

DINING ROOM - Four tablespoons and china

Two ruby wine decanters with stoppers from this house

Drop leaf table was owned by the Young family

Pewter charger was owned by the Young family

KITCHEN - Ten silver teaspoons

Seven bone-handled knives

Six silver soup spoons

Cheese saver, covered

Splat-back rocking chair said to have crossed the plains

Ladder back rocking chair Seat pad is new, ( have belonged to Brigham Young, said to be made by him) Utah mill

South BEDROOM - Pine bed may be Utah made

Red and green Whig rose quilt

1860 sewing machine brought to Utah in 1860ís by F. V.Davenport

MIDDLE BEDROOM - Quilt, red circles and white crosses

NORTH BEDROOM - Bed from Beehive House, not necessarily Brighamís. Heirloom coverlet of Brokaw family (not members) Dorothy Brokaw Sonquist of Chicago who met Florence Jacobsen on an airplane

WAITING ROOM - Organ bought for this home by Brigham Young

Note by Phyllis Baker The beds upstairs are longer than our modern full-size beds. In Amelia s room, the sleigh bed is one inch longer. longer. The other two bedrooms are three inches longer.

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05 July 2004