Welcome to the winter home of Brigham Young, one of the most famous pioneers of America. He spent the last winters of his life in St. George enjoying the warm weather and directing the building of the St. George Temple and Tabernacle. Brigham Young caused the front portion of this home to be built in 1873. Made of adobe brick and pine wood, it contains many mid-nineteenth century antiques, some of which were actually used by Brigham Young*s family. The large mulberry tree supplied the leaves for feeding silk worms, the cocoons of which provided the thread for silk fabrics produced by pioneer women here in St. George. Representative of the principal reason for the settlement of Utah*s "Dixie", the garden still produces both cotton and grapes.

The contributions of Brigham Young to Utah and the West are immeasurable. Born of humble parents in a log cabin in Vermont, June 1, 1801, Brigham Young became a man of extraordinary intelligence, loyalty, faith, and courage. In 1847 he was called to be the second prophet and president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Seeking religious freedom, which had been denied his people in Ohio, Missouri and Illinois, President Young led thousands of pioneers across the United States in one of the most amazing journeys in American history and directed the establishment of more than 300 communities in the West. He actively participated in community building, becoming the Governor of the State of Deseret, later named the State of Utah. Before his death on August 29, 1877, he had helped develop roads, canals, telegraphs, railways, schools, theaters, factories, banks, whole industries, and universities.

Historians frequently refer to Brigham Young as "America*s modern Moses," but it should not be forgotten that it was the doctrines of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, taught by the Prophet Joseph Smith, that President Brigham Young explicitly followed and reinforced by means of his extraordinary accomplishments.

Typical of the advice given by President Young to his many visitors were these gems of wisdom:

1) Remember always that we are all the children of God. Every man is our brother, and every woman is our sister.

2) Avoid idleness and wastefulness. Both prevent true success.

3) Educate yourselves and your children in all the learning of the world and the things of God

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05 July 2004